Merlot Wine History

History of Merlot

Merlot wine is among the top ten international varieties of wines and is the second most popular after the famous Cabernet Sauvignon. The grape’s name comes from the French word “merle” which means “The Little Blackbird”. Merlot come from the French Bordeaux region more than 300 years ago. The first mention of such beverages was found in the manuscripts of the 18th century. From this moment on, the unpretentious sort of grape spread across Bordeaux and all around the world. Now this grape is grown in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Israel, the United States and other countries.

Blending Merlot

Merlot is called ladies’ wine. Soft, round, easy drinking ­ this is the most typical description of Merlot wine. There is a belief that this sort perfectly smooths out the excessive sharpness of other wines and therefore Merlot is perfect for blending. The most distinguished blend is the combination of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; another popular compound is blending with Cabernet Franc.

Taste of Merlot

The young Merlot wine has a berry aroma, blackberry, black cherry, raspberry flavours are the most dominated in it. Merlot has a strong plummy taste. After oak barrels’ storage there are aromas of figs, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, black pepper and even ­ the skin and truffles in the bouquet. In other respects, Merlot wine’s taste is a real chameleon, which depending on the vinification techniques and, in particular, climate cultivation space can be referenced in completely different characters. The taste depends on the locality in which the vineyard is situated. The warmer area ­ the sweeter and richer are berries, but in the cooler regions of Merlot ripens in a subtle and delicate wine. Too hot climate lends variety sugary taste.

To get the best experience from drinking Merlot, it is best to use transparent glasses. This is so you can enjoy the play of colours and see how beautiful the beverage flows along the glass walls.

Wine should be served slightly chilled to 16 degrees, enjoyed in small sips and savouring the bouquet.

Pairing Merlot with Food

Most Merlot contains at least 13.5% alcohol, but some can be up to 14.5%. It has low tannin levels and gentle acidity.

For this smooth and elegant taste, Merlot goes well with many products. Overall, Merlot is a harmonious pair with dishes of chicken and other light meats. It acts as the perfect couple with a slightly spicy dark meat ­ grilled duck or beef bourguignon. Acute and semi hard cheeses are perfect for this drink.

Merlot is a good choice as a beginners wine, because of Merlot ripens quickly, it is not necessary to store in the basement for years.