Why Do We Hate Merlot Wine?

Merlot Grapes

Why Do We Hate Merlot Wine?

No matter if you are a wine lover or not, it is more likely that you have wondered why people hate Merlot wine; at least once in your life. What is it that turns people into snobs when it comes to Merlot wine? Well, let’s find out.

Was It Miles?

we hate merlot wine

The year was 2004 when Merlot wine was about to face some major talk-down. Miles is a wine aficionado and a fictional character in the movie “Sideways“. It all seemed to be going great until Miles put these words together: “If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving” followed by “I am NOT drinking any f*****g Merlot!”. That is when all hell broke loose (when it comes to Merlot wine, of course!). Also known as the “Sideways” effect, the shrinking Merlot wine resonance continues to reverberate even today; even almost after a decade has gone by.

Or The price?


No matter if it’s a victim to fashion or it rightfully got what it deserve, Merlot wine has been an outcast ever since. However, it was not just this line that contributed to Merlot wine’s ever-shrinking popularity.
Based on a simple association game, most people (including wine enthusiasts from around the globe) shall respond that wines such as Chateau St. Jean and Jarvis are worthy of attention due to their increased value. As a result, Merlot wine is also associated with the pop culture due to its low and affordable price.
So, for those with an acquired taste for high-quality and refined wines, Merlot was a reminder that particular wine varieties are ripe for everyone’s taking. Consequently, it was a matter of time before Merlot wine turned into a persona non grata that most “hate” and snob big time.

The Blend Factor


One last reason why people hate Merlot wine revolves around its non-pure essence. Nowadays, it is quite common for wine manufacturers to combine various types of wine to achieve maximum quality. Merlot is one of the top choices for mixed types of wine. As a result, wine lovers have a hard time tracking down some decent pure Merlot wine; especially those who know their way into the wine universe. Day by day, its reputation is going downhill, and things only seem to get worse.

At the end of the day, Merlot wine is easy to drink, and that is what might upset wine enthusiasts who look for a ruminative and reflective wine-tasting experience. So, haters gonna hate!

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