My First Hachoo Bubble Tea Experience

I’m usually all about Merlot wine. However recently I’ve discovered this new phenomenon drink called bubble tea. My gosh it blew my mind! Here’s my first bubble tea experience with a new start-up company called Hachoo Bubble Tea.

My First Hachoo Bubble Tea

I was in London visiting friends when I discovered this little pop up stall outside Canada Water station. It was called Hachoo Bubble Tea and they make fresh drinks using loose leaf tea and add toppings into a cool drink. This was perfect for a hot summer day. For those who don’t know, bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea made with green/black tea with the addition of either milk, fruit and bubbles known as tapioca pearls.

Hachoo Bubble Tea

Original Hachoo milk tea, made with diary free milk.

They had so many flavours to choose from. I decided to go with passion fruit green tea, which was recommended as one of the popular choices, along with mango popping juice balls. The colour looks amazing. They used a funky machine to seal the cup with a film. I was then told to pick a coloured straw and stab the film with it. But this was no ordinary straw. It was much wider than the ones you would normally use with your lemonade. These straws are specific to bubble tea so that I could suck up the juice balls as well as the drink. With my first gulp, my mouth of filled with fruit flavour tea and balls that were popping with I chewed on them. The balls released more mango flavours. What a fantastic first time experience.

The staff were extremely friendly. I wish I could have tried their other flavours but sadly I had to go. If anyone hasn’t tried it or still wondering what on earth am I talking about. Just give it a try. This is definitely my kind of alternative drink to Merlot.