What You Told Us

name: Brian
You might want to use this article I found. It looks like a glass of Merlot can help you get to sleep. Another health benefit for Merlot. From a fellow Merlot grower.
June 19, 2006 – Daily Mail –┬áHealth┬ásection
name: Joanne
It took me a little time to enjoy a glass of merlot, but now I wouldn’t have anything else. It is very good and healthy for you in moderation.

name: Nick
Love Merlot. Temecula wine country in Southern Ca needs a Chris & Stuart Seminar. When and where can I sign up? Have been an admirer of Chris for years. (Give him a raise)

name: Carolee
When I want to drink wine, I want Merlot. Merlot satisfies my taste because it of its full body and bouquet. I just love it.

name: Burke
While I’m sure Merlot has taken a hit everywhere, including big cities, there will always be a core of people in places like Chicago, LA, Vegas who are going to buy merlot. I hope you’ll consider coming to Ohio–a state with four rather strong mid-sized markets, and one, Cincinnati, with a clear leaning toward buying California wine. We’ve seen Merlot sales plummet, and would love to see a change in that. Your presence here would be very effective, and I’d wager make a bigger percentage difference than it would in a larger market. So come to Cincinnati!

name: Harvey
Very professional, informative, and exciting seminar. The Swanson Merlot shows excellent/better quality versus the other wines. Congratulations on a job well done! Best regards.

name: Bill
Here’s the deal…I have been a merlot consumer for the past 20 years and while I have had the opportunity to drink the fancy high price grapes, it is always back to my merlot. Just purchased a couple of cases yesterday. OK–as I see it the less the folks drink merlot the more I have. They want to fight…BRING THEM ON. WHO NEEDS A SEMINAR WHEN YOU KNOW THE FINAL CHAPTER??? Thanks for allowing me to vent. Time to go home and have a little merlot..could be more than a little.

name: Teri
Merlot is my favorite wine. I don’t understand how anyone who likes red wine would not be drinking it. Hopefully your seminars will help bring it to the spotlight. I’ll be honest I haven’t tried Swanson but I will certainly look for it now.

name: Kirk
I am and will continue to be a fan of merlot. The best merlots can compete with any varietal from around the world for flavor, class and ageability.

name: Les
What is so funny about the movie Sideways is the “faux pas” when the main character talks about hating Merlot and then talks of his favorite wine in the world from Bordeaux that he gets a bottle of Cheval Blanc which is approx 60-70% Merlot….LOL. Just goes to show you these non – Merlot snobs have no clue what they are missing with a beautiful Merlot. Thank you Swanson Vineyards for making great wines! L